Just two weeks ago, we at RAFT launched our brand new STEAM Project Kit Subscription Service, the perfect way to get regular access to our quality STEAM learning kits and activities. This service is the latest way for us to share our dedication to making STEAM learning more accessible and engaging. And, we believe this service will help us and our learners commit to our mission of affordable and responsible education.

All of our STEAM kits, including those available through our subscription, are made with donated, recycled, or upcycled materials. You don’t need a laboratory to get your hands on effective STEAM activities. Just take a look at our Germinator Kit, available in our Life Science and Forces Bundle. With this kit, learners take CD jewel cases and plastic takeout trays to make an environment suitable for plant growth. 

It’s with this ingenuity that we can find all kinds of uses for these materials while keeping them from doing harm to our environment. We all understand the value of hand-on STEAM learning, and we believe our kits show that it can be done responsibly and with a commitment to the wellbeing of our planet.

Not only this, but repurposing materials like this demonstrates that STEAM learning can be very affordable. We hope that our kits can inspire our learners to be just as creative with everyday materials, and we think that becoming a subscriber will give you plenty of opportunities to do so.

Get regular access to affordable and sustainable hands-on STEAM learning kits by becoming a subscriber today!