Available Workshops

Below is a list of the workshops that RAFT is currently offering.

Introduction to 3D Printing with Prusa MK4 and PrusaSlicer

This 1-hour introductory class is designed to familiarize participants with 3D printing using the Prusa MK4 printer and PrusaSlicer software. Participants will learn the basic concepts of 3D printing, explore the features of the Prusa MK4 printer, and understand how to prepare 3D models for printing using PrusaSlicer.

• Introduction to 3D Printing
• Overview of Prusa MK4 Printer
• Introduction to PrusaSlicer
• Basic 3D Printing Process
• Slicing and Printing
• Troubleshooting and Maintenance
• Q&A Session

By the end of the class, participants will have a solid understanding of the 3D printing process using the Prusa MK4 printer and PrusaSlicer software. They will be equipped with the knowledge to start their own 3D printing projects and troubleshoot common issues effectively.

When: Thursdays @ 5:30pm - 6:30 pm

Where: 1355 Ridder Park Drive, San Jose CA 95131

Cost: $85

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