Classroom Idea Sheets

Free downloadable resources that provide teachers with practical methods for effectively presenting engaging content.


1000 Wins

Adding 3-digit numbers gets easier with this easy-to-learn and fun-to-play card game.


Make an instrument with an adjustable pitch to explore the science of sound waves and the art of music!


This card game helps students learn to add numbers in their heads. The objective of the game is to get as close...

3D Topo Views

This modeling activity can be used to teach topographic map-reading skills. Students draw a fictitious topographic map, and then transfer the map...

3D Tree

A bit of cutting and stapling will produce wonderful, little trees that stand up on their own. Decorate your tree for a...

9 Digits in a 3×3 Matrix

Students explore addition problems with two 3 digit numbers and discover patterns that help find solutions and double check arithmetic answers.

Abacus Primer

The abacus is an ancient tool for doing calculations. This activity uses a simplified abacus to teach place value. Each bead represents...

Abacus Variations

This easily created version of an abacus can teach place value and show how different cultures calculate. Abaci can even be based...

Absolutely Valuable Game!

In this fast-paced game of addition, students discover that the “absolute value” of a number is simply its distance from zero on...

Absorbing the Rays

Using UV beads as detectors, the ability of sunglasses to protect the eyes from UV radiation from the Sun is tested.

Advanced Mathematical Dream Catchers

Native American Indian culture and mathematical concepts combine to make dream catchers. This activity leads to higher mathematical investigations, including properties of...

Adventures in Probability!

Experiment with independent events and find how often certain results occur!

Air – a Pressing Matter

Students are in for a surprise when they attempt to lift a mat that is held in place by only the air...

Air Pressure – Feel it!

Let your students experience air pressure in a new way with this easily made device that will add a pressure equal to...

Air under Pressure

Explore a compressed gas and a partial vacuum with this air pressure demonstrator.