STEAM Learning Activity Sheets

Free online tools that guide parents, guardians, and students through Pre-K to 8th grade activities using common household items.


A Flower for Every Pollinator

For: Grades 6–8

Plants have developed unique features to attract pollinators, such as bats, bees and hummingbirds. Hummingbirds like tubular shaped flowers, butterflies prefer flat...

A Hole in Your Hand

For: Grades K–8

Have you ever heard that your eyes can play tricks on you? Well, Abracadabra, here’s how to see there is a “hole”...

A Little Drop in the Bucket

For: Grades K–8

Could you hear a piece of paper if it were dropped into a cup? How small would the paper need to be...

Abiotic Dissections

For: Grades K–8

Students hone their observation skills by disassembling unused or broken items to observe internal structures and mechanisms and consider new uses.

Above and Below Zero

For: Grades 6–8

Learn the meaning of the minus sign in this game of positive and negative numbers.

Animated Flip Books

For: Grades 3–5

A simple way to make artwork appear to move!

Animated Greeting Cards

For: Grades K–2

A simple way to make artwork appear to move! This fun activity will give students the opportunity to create a basic animation...

Be the Bee

For: Grades K–2, 6–8

Honeybee Queen is the mother to an entire hive. Worker bees are sent out to collect nectar, a bee’s food source, and...

Bean Race

For: Grades K–2

Design a race track for beans! Which bean is faster? In this activity, students are challenged with designing and building a run...

Beans and…

For: Grades 3–5

This science experiment will begin to test soil or substrate pros and cons. The idea of a control and experimental group is...

Beautiful Butterflies

For: Grades K–8

Butterflies have beautiful and intricate designs and colors on their wings. they use the shapes, patterns and colors to send messages to...

Bee A Pollinator

For: Grades K–5

Flowers and bees are like friends who help each other. The bees obtain nectar and pollen from the flowers. The flowers will...

Binary Birthday Bracelets

For: Grades 6–8

Binary numbers are essential to the functioning of common, digital, electronic devices but are usually well hidden! Learning about binary numbers (base...

Blubber Gloves

For: Grades 3–5

Students test the insulative properties of materials packed in plastic bags to make “blubber gloves” that protect against extreme cold. This helps...

Bottle Cap Flipper Activity Sheet

For: Grades K–5

In this game, players will recreate Heads or Tails out of bottle caps.