This June 2023, Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT) is offering a weekly summer camp designed for students in grades K-8. As an organization that advocates for hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) education, the summer camp offers STEAM-based activities across multiple themes and sessions. Aptly called STEAM Dream Camp, our campers experience being inventors-in-training who use their imagination, creativity, and engineering skills to prototype, build, and solve real-world problems.

STEAM Dream Camp champions four main values:

Joy of Learning

Our campers are immersed in the joy and discovery of learning through hands-on STEAM activities.

Growth Mindset

Our curricula promote a growth mindset through collaborative learning and team-building exercises.


Our activities are designed to inspire creativity, innovation, and problem-solving through real-world design challenges.


Environmental Awareness

We transform common, recyclable materials into learning opportunities as part of Found Engineering.

Why choose STEAM Dream Camp?

We have designed kits and curriculum that engage students in hands-on learning while having fun. Our STEAM Project Kits and activities give emphasis to observation, experimentation, and problem-solving. Our creative activities invite our campers to integrate their learning experiences to everyday events, allowing them to craft and share stories that they will remember and treasure.

Our summer camp is led by credentialed teachers, counselors, and staff who are well-versed in teaching STEAM activities. At full capacity, our classes have a student-teacher ratio of 10:1.

Register for STEAM Dream Camp now!

We have an ongoing Early Bird promo, saving you up to $300. Promo ends on February 19th.