Thanks to a generous donation from the Infosys Foundation USA, RAFT has launched our Science in Motion course on the Pathfinders Online Institute. 

RAFT’s Science in Motion course explores 10 of our STEAM Project Kits to better understand the concept of motion. Each lesson includes a step-by-step video on how to use the kits and other resources to bring science and math subjects to life in an engaging, hands-on way for students in grades K-8. Each lesson takes about 30 minutes to complete.

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Through the invaluable support of Infosys Foundation USA, we’re giving away a limited amount of free STEAM Project Kits to K-8 public school educators in the United States. Teachers can request free kits through the course. If the survey is no longer live, that means the free kits have been claimed, but you can purchase additional kits at or at the RAFT Store in San Jose.

As of November 2023, the first 5 videos have been posted on the Pathfinders Online Institute with more videos to be launched in February 2024. RAFT expresses heartfelt appreciation to Infosys Foundation USA for helping us expand our online resources to improve access to our hands-on learning materials. 

Visit the portal here today to participate in RAFT’s Science in Motion course and explore other courses such as coding music and digital literacy. 

About Infosys Foundation USA: The Foundation’s mission is to expand access to computer science and maker education for K-12 students and educators across the USA, while working to digitally upskill all learners for 21st century technology-enabled opportunities. The Foundation achieves impact through the delivery of professional development programs for teachers, K16 digital skills learning platforms, partnerships with leading nonprofits, and innovative media campaigns that inspire everyone to be creators, not just consumers, of technology. Visit to learn more.