We at RAFT are proud to launch our new STEAM Project Kit Subscription Service! Becoming a subscriber means you get a selection of our quality STEAM learning kits every month, all at an affordable price! We hope that this service will continue our mission of making hands-on STEAM learning even more accessible, so become a subscriber today!

Besides making getting our kits easier than ever, all of our STEAM kits are made with donated, recycled, or upcycled materials. This service is another way for us to share our commitment to sustainable education. And, best of all for our learners, our use of such materials won’t make hands-on STEAM learning any more difficult. Rather, our service will give learners  regular opportunities to get creative with everyday materials, and we firmly believe that this is one of the best ways to advance our students’ STEAM education.

Giving learners the space to tinker gets them to use their imagination as they engage with our learning kits. Converting items like cardboard tubes and plastic utensils into STEAM project materials encourages ingenuity and creative problem-solving, and it can open the door for collaboration. STEAM learning is most effective when it’s engaging, and we know that it can be really fun, too!

What’s included?  Every month we’ll send to your home:

– 2 kits with all materials needed

– PLUS 2 bonus activity sheets

– Instructions for each kit + additional on-line resources

Prices from $ 7.99 to $ 10.99 a month.*

*Plus $ 6.99 shipping & handling per month.

How it works:

– Choose the right age group & theme interests.

– Select a monthly plan.  Cancel anytime. 

– Share the joy children have making kits at home.

We already strive to make it easy to help children learn critical thinking skills with hands-on STEAM learning with our affordable kits. Our new service is the natural next step to make it even easier. We hope that you’ll become a subscriber, and we’ll be happy to give you, your children, or your students the resources you need to start tinkering.