Teacher Tip Sheets

Connecting Math and Music

Math can be used to describe the unity and structure of music. Connecting music to math makes math more interesting, relevant, and accessible to students.

Connecting Math and Social Studies

Presenting math through a social studies approach encourages students to ask questions and to think creatively.

Common Core Assessment – Hands-on Style!

Organizations are well on their way to developing new tools to work with the new standards.

Connect Learning to the Real World

Connecting lessons to the real world drives student interest, engagement and retention.

Creating a Design Challenge

A design challenge is an open-ended project that encourages students to ask questions, take initiative, and think creatively.

Cross-Disciplinary Activities Connected to Standards

The new standards encourage teachers to break out of their “subject silos” and teach multiple subjects at the same time.

Easy and Fun Math Night Projects

Math nights and math festivals are fun multi-teacher/ all-school activities that showcase math projects or activities.

Educators Envision Innovative Classrooms

During the RAFT Innovation Institute, we used a technique called “brain-writing” to gather 100 unique ideas in just ten minutes! What vision do you and your students have?

Encouraging Family Engagement

Here are some easy ways to help families be part of student learning.