Today is National Deviled Egg Day and eggs are the star of the show on today’s menu! Celebrate with RAFT’s Egg Drop kit and make eggs the star of the show in the classroom!

Egg Drop

This STEAM learning kit encourages learners to combine simple materials to complete a simple task: catch a falling egg and don’t let it break. This is the perfect kit to foster creativity and teamwork while also providing a hands-on demonstration of the kinds of challenges faced by real engineers.

Designed for learners in grades 4-12, the Egg Drop kit illustrates the concepts of potential energy, kinetic energy, and stress, all foundational to the field of physics.

Raise the stakes by dropping the egg from greater heights, limiting available materials, or being more stringent when defining what counts as a “break.” Just as learners can be versatile with their solutions to the challenge, educators can be just as flexible on their end. 

Creative problem-solving is the name of the game with the Egg Drop kit, so please visit our store and get cracking on this STEAM learning activity!

To see more information and/or download the project guide for this activity, click HERE.