RAFT would like to thank the Sares Regis Foundation for providing a grant to support the students and teachers at Costano Elementary. 

On February 15, RAFT worked with Costano makerspace teacher Bill Correll (Mr.Bill) to bring the Maker Mobile to Costano Elementary to serve 100 fifth grade students. Students were challenged to create a Rube Goldberg machine, which is a chain reaction-type contraption designed to perform a simple task in an indirect and overly complicated way, and study forces of motion with our Ping Pong Path Challenge. In addition to learning more about these STEAM subjects, students also got the chance to work together in teams to address different challenges using RAFT supplies.

Mr. Bill thanked the RAFT team for bringing out the Maker Mobile to teach STEAM lessons while also sharing that these events were crucial in re-engaging students socially after a year of distance learning.

 “We appreciate RAFT coming out here to explore this Ping Pong Path Challenge. After the year we’ve been through [with distance learning], these kids need more activities like this to have the chance to work together.” 

-Bill Correll, Makerspace Teacher at Costano Elementary

Mr. Bill also showed the RAFT staff Costano’s current Makerspace. The RAFT Maker Mobile allowed Mr. Bill to extend the capacity of the Makerspace by bringing additional materials and tools so more students could engage in hands-on activities at one time.

In addition to serving the 5th grade students of Costano, 10 teachers at Costano will also be able to attend a RAFT professional development session on how to incorporate hands-on learning into their STEAM lessons and will receive RAFT kits and materials to support their teaching.

Thanks to grants from organizations like Sares Regis, RAFT can provide STEAM support to those students who need access to engaging, hands-on STEAM learning experiences.

If you or your organization would like to help fund RAFT programs at schools like Costano Elementary, please email development@raft.net with your inquiry.