Our “Puff Rocket” is our STEAM activity of the month, and it’s the perfect kit to launch 2022 with some great STEAM learning. Like all of our quality kits, it guides you through fundamental lessons with some really fun challenges, all while being made sustainably with simple materials.

Who doesn’t want to launch a rocket? It’s always fun to see that iconic shape soar into the air and return to the earth. Not only is this fun, but a launched rocket can teach us so much about physics. Remember that part of Newton’s first law? “An object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.” Now, you can be that force by just squeezing a bottle and watching your own creation fly.

See? Learning physics isn’t rocket science . . . oh, right.

How will you build this rocket? It’s simple! With a plastic bottle, plastic straws, and pieces of foam, you’ll have everything you need. We’ve all heard the need to reduce our consumption of single-use plastic bottles and straws. By using the “Puff Rocket” and many of our other STEAM activities, we can get creative and find that extra use for all of these items that are already here.

Try our “Puff Rocket” today and launch your way into the month!