Students engage in engineering challenges created and facilitated by RAFT staff that take advantage of household materials and/or use RAFT supplied materials. Challenges can be live or asynchronous. RAFT will showcase student design solutions on our social media platforms. This is a great way to engage your learning community in fun hands-on activities without burdening teaching staff.

Over the past few weeks, students took part in the 'Cat Care' Engineering Design Challenge. Here are their projects:

This cat toy and feeder was made by Arjay Vijay, a 1st-grade student in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.

This cat toy named “Cat-Mobil” was made by Oishiya Roy, a 3rd-grade student in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. "I can pull the cart and the cat can chase it. There are small rattles inside the box which makes a sound when I pull it. There is a mirror in front, where the cat can see itself and feel entertained and funny." - Oishiya Roy

Gnanadeep Jasty, a 3rd-grade student in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, made a catapult using materials from around the house. Gnanadeep measured the average distance of his launches and got 8’5” at the height of 2’6”!

Samhith Pola, a 3rd grader from Country Club Elementary School designed his Cat Care project where his cat 'Blue' can jump from one platform to the other to get some food!

Pratik Patel, a 2nd grader from the San Ramon Valley School District built his 'Dream Cat House' that includes a cat home with a chimney, a ladder for his cat to sunbathe, a milk machine, and more.

Zimo Li Mendes, a 4th grader in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District created a Cat Care project for his cat 'Sushi'. The project consists of a box attached to the crane-like structure with a ball at the end that Sushi can play with.

Stay tuned for more projects!

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