By Greg Brown, Director of Education Iniatives, RAFT

Each year, the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) executive MBA program makes a visit to Silicon Valley to see innovative companies, including RAFT. Participants of the program are executives from around the world who are completing their MBAs through a Swiss university program. Organizers of the program feel that RAFT visits gives the executives an insight into the creativity and resourcefulness that makes Silicon Valley so special.

The second 2015 IMD cohort visited RAFT last week. The participants came to Silicon Valley to experience not only the innovation in our region, but to observe how RAFT is included as an example of a Silicon Valley non-profit innovation organization that encourages hands-on learning.
In just two hours, the visitors took a RAFT tour, made and experimented with Puff Rockets, and assembled over 100 Solar Cooker kits and 30 Kumihimo yarn assemblies.
“I’ve been bringing my students to RAFT for five years now and I plan to come back again next year. “ says Jim Pulcrano, Program Organizer.
When you visit RAFT you might see groups just like IMD, corporate volunteering teams, local education organization meetings, and afterschool groups. If you and your organization would like to come visit RAFT, please let us know! Requests can be made to