RAFT has been fortunate to work with the very talented Jennifer Hunau, STEM Coordinator for the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, in developing a series of 9 STEAM kits for over 6,000 TK-2 students. Pictured below are materials for 12,870 kits that were shipped to the district’s 22 elementary schools.

With over 19,000 kits created in total, the district was able to supply all of it’s TK-2 students with a range of science-focused hands-on learning activities. RAFT also provided the teachers from the 22 elementary schools with training for the successful implementation of each kit!

The kits explored the following science concepts, all involving engineering design and/or investigation:

  • Sound (perception, patterns, materials, vibrations)
  • Forces and Motion (pushes/pulls in different directions)
  • Energy (heat transfer, insulative properties of materials)
  • Patterns in the Sky (Moon phases, shadows, Sun’s relative position, sundials)
  • Structure & Function (seed germination, plant growth, data collection)
  • Earth Processes (topographic maps & models, elevation, mountains)

Stay tuned. You’ll find a version of these kits on our shelves…

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