It’s our mission at RAFT to make STEAM learning more accessible and effective through our various programs – from our Store, to Maker Mobile to our Project kits and activities. And, as we carry out this mission, we do our best to stay committed to environmental sustainability. For that reason, we are incredibly thankful to receive an annual grant by StopWaste! With their help, we’ve been able to provide thousands of our STEAM kits to local students all while minimizing our own environmental footprint. Thank you, StopWaste!

StopWaste is a great organization with the goal of promoting sustainable practices across Alameda County. They help local businesses, schools, and residents reduce their waste output, recycle properly, and be more efficient with water and energy.

We’re especially grateful for their role in educating our young students about the value of sustainability through their recycling and waste reduction programs. StopWaste recognizes that education is critical in promoting sustainability. With their involvement, our students can learn to become leaders in environmentally safe practices.

Just as the people at StopWaste do their best to keep valuable materials out of landfills, we at RAFT do our best to use those same materials for the greater purpose of education. Instead of throwing those popsicle sticks into the trash, why not use them in our “Brace Yourself” activity to build an earthquake simulator? A plastic bag doesn’t have to be used to carry your groceries just once, why not turn it into a small parachute in our “Breadbag Parachute” activity?

We’re so glad to receive support from an organization with goals so similar to our own. With StopWaste’s help, we can do our part to keep our landfills clear of materials asking to be used in a classroom or at home. And, we hope that the children who learn to use these objects for their education will also learn to continue sustainable practices in the future. 

Visit StopWaste’s site to learn more and read their article featuring RAFT!