The rain of December took a brief hiatus to allow RAFT’s Education Team to bring the excitement of a makerspace build to San Lucas Union School District in southern Monterey County. With the support of all 75 students, they built new tool walls and shelving units to get their makerspace organized and even better than it already was.

At the start of the day, the RAFT team arrived with all the pre-cut wood and materials that the students would use throughout the makerspace build. The students broke into smaller groups, received safety instructions from the Education Team, and got to work. With everyone collaborating various tasks, the build day was complete with 4 new tool walls and 4 new adjustable shelving units.

Once each team of students completed their portion of the build, they were allowed to write their name on the piece of furniture. “I was never allowed to write on furniture before,” remarked one student who was also excited to use power tools for the first time.

We know that there’s a lot of fun and learning involved when we collaborate on STEAM projects, and the same can be said when we create the resources necessary for those projects. Whether it’s launching your own rocket or building a makerspace to store the rockets that you and your classmates made, you can always find opportunities to learn. To all San Lucas students, remember that you built your own makerspace. You took your education forward and you built the learning resources that will serve you and the students who follow you. A huge thanks to you and the RAFT Education Team!

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