Science, technology, engineering, art, and math. When we hear these words, it’s easy to picture students in a classroom, scientists in white coats huddled together in a lab, or an engineer hunched over a drawing board. And that’s totally understandable! After hearing so much about STEAM education programs and the need to prepare our students to be leaders in a complex, ever-changing world, we might end up thinking that STEAM learning is just a means to an end. But we at RAFT understand the best parts about STEAM learning. It’s not just limited to a classroom and it’s not just reserved for the professionals: it can be done by anyone, anywhere, at minimal cost, and it can be really fun!

One of the ways we at RAFT make STEAM learning affordable is through our commitment to sustainability. All of our quality STEAM learning kits are made with donated, repurposed, or upcycled materials. By keeping things like plastic bags and cardboard tubes out of landfills and instead repurposing them for education, we can teach our students about STEAM while also teaching them about our responsibility for our planet. Our kits are proof that STEAM learning can be done by anyone. All it takes is a little ingenuity to turn the most common items into opportunities for creative problem-solving.

And, by using such affordable materials as the basis for our kits, we are proud to say that we’re making hands-on STEAM learning even more accessible. Hands-on learning is the most engaging, most fun kind of learning, and even the simplest tools can make it happen. That’s why we at RAFT are happy to provide such tools to parents, teachers, and everyone else who values our children’s education.

Please visit our store for some affordable, quality STEAM learning kits and learning activity sheets. We at RAFT want to help everyone engage in STEAM learning at home, at school, and everywhere else!