Brazil Nut Effect

Whenever a can of mixed nuts is opened, the brazil nuts tend to be on the top. This phenomenon seems counterintuitive, because the brazil nuts are more massive than the peanuts, cashews and other nuts in the can. How can this be?

Bubbling Potions

Students observe dramatic changes in the states of matter in this activity.

Breathe In Breathe Out

Each day in your life you breathe in and out approximately 20,000 times, usually without thinking about it. Here is a chance to discover how breathing works.

Break the Code

In this logic game, a player uses clues to help them break a hidden code in as few guesses as possible.

Bug Pooter

Create a pooter, or “bug vac” to gently collect and study small creepy crawlies.

Box Blocks

Sometimes the simplest idea can provide children with hours of fun. Teachers of young children can use boxes like big blocks for a variety of activities.

Building Blocks

Wooden cubes can be used for a variety of building activities that develop spatial skills and mathematical reasoning. In this activity, students make a 3-dimensional shape using a given number of cubes.

Breaking it Down

Students explore how organic materials break down and decompose in this lab experiment that investigates materials, environmental factors, and variables.

Bouquet of Flowers

In this easy art project, students can design and make their own flower bouquets.

Bring On the Heat

Thermally sensitive paper can be used to create some stunning artistic effects. This activity is a fantastic exploration of a thermally sensitive chemical reaction.

Bridging the Gap

How strong can a bridge be made using a limited set of materials?

Bottle Stand Up

Loop the ring around the bottle and stand it up. How hard could this be? Give it a try! It might surprise you!