Lockheed Martin Space Systems volunteers assemble 500 STEM kits that will help inspire 4,600 future engineersLockheed Martin 2-20 eweek build

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – February 27, 2017 – RAFT, Resource Area for Teaching, is the leading solution center helping educators to transform a child’s learning experience through hands-on education. On Feb. 20, Lockheed Martin volunteers came to RAFT during National Engineers Week and built 500 STEM student activity kits to stimulate design-thinking among students.

Lockheed Martin has volunteered at RAFT during National Engineers Week for the past two years to support the alignment of the hands-on activity kits with the purpose of National Engineers Week, which is to inspire students to learn about engineering. Lockheed Martin is committed to nurturing and equipping the next generation of scientists, engineers and space explorers.

“Our partnership with RAFT is one way we support the teachers in our community who share STEM concepts with their students,” said Lauren Rohde, lead for Bay Area Community Relations at Lockheed Martin. “For National Engineers Week, we had nearly 30 employees support the kit activity and hosted additional student outreach events across our company throughout the week.”

RAFT offers a wide range of STEM-focused idea sheets, activity kits, design challenges, and professional development workshops for educator and student use. The volunteers assembled three different kits.

  • 200 Kumihimo kits, which tie together art, history, and mathematical patterns. Each kit serves 10 students.
  • 100 Evolution by Natural Selection kits, which simulate evolution and show how adaptations such as camouflage help organisms survive and pass on traits to offspring. This kit is a group activity for up to six students
  • 200 Roller Racer kits, which explore the application of simple machines and energy conversion. This kit has materials for 10 students.

These RAFT kits allow students to explore a range of STEM related concepts. Thanks to the volunteers from Lockheed Martin, 4,600 future engineers will be inspired and have fun while learning.

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