Today is National Make a Gift Day! That means it’s time to get creative and make something special for someone special. But what should you make? How about using our Scalloped Circle String Art Kit and use hands-on STEAM learning to make the perfect gift!

Scalloped Circle String Art Kit

This wonderful kit has learners using colored string to make artistic designs on simple cardboard shapes. The design possibilities are limitless! Not only is this activity quick, easy, and a lot of fun, but it’s also incredibly forgiving. Make a mistake? Just unwind the string and try something new!

Make a Gift Day encourages us to put part of ourselves in the gifts we give, and we believe this STEAM Learning Kit presents a great opportunity to do just that. STEAM learning is best when you’re given the chance to be creative, tinker, and approach the activity in your own way. With you in charge of the design, you’ll definitely be able to put yourself in whatever you make.

We also believe that this kit shows us that STEAM education isn’t just reserved for the classroom. The components of STEAM are all around us, and the Scalloped Circle Kit shows how art and math can be combined in a simple, yet appealing way.

And, of course, there are some great STEAM lessons to be found within this kit, as well. Using string to draw lines over cardboard shapes teaches learners all kinds of geometric principles like measurements, angles, and symmetry. And, as an art kit, it encourages learners to visualize artistic ideas and take the steps to make them a reality.

Whether you’re planning to make a gift for someone else or yourself, visit our store to get your Scalloped Circle String Art Kit today!