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RAFT just launched its newest STEAM Project Kit, Winter Light-Up Ornaments. It’s the perfect activity for the entire family to get into the holiday spirit and enjoy hands-on STEAM learning.

The kit uses a coin cell battery and conductive cloth tape to light up LEDs (light-emitting diodes) on a Christmas tree template. Kids (and adults alike!) can also be creative by designing and coloring-in the Christmas tree however they would like. 

Winter Light-Up Ornaments focuses on various Science lessons including electrical currents, circuits, batteries, and conduction. The kit comes complete with all the materials, instructions, and resources needed to light up your holiday. Limited quantities are available at the RAFT Store in San Jose and online–grab yours now!

All STEAM Project Kits are designed to teach fundamental lessons and are made sustainably using upcycled materials. Check out our awesome selection of kits here!