Caesar Cipher Disc

Cryptography was important more than 4,000 years ago as a way to protect the interests of kings, military leaders, and other dignitaries. It is important today because of the vast amounts of personal, financial, and medical data stored in computer systems worldwide. Students will appreciate cryptography in terms of math and history by encoding and decoding messages using a technique similar to that used by the Roman general Julius Caesar!

Grades Covered: 3 through 12
Subjects Covered: Math,Social Studies

Curriculum topics:
  • Ancient civilizations
  • Cryptography
  • Functions
  • Modular arithmetic
  • Patterns
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Idea Sheets are cross-referenced to subjects listed in the Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, and California Content Standards.

  • Common Core Mathematics: Operations And Algebraic Thinking, Patterns and Relationships, Expressions And Equations, Functions

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