On September 17, Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley and volunteers from DPR Construction spent the day at RAFT remodeling our Educator Workroom. The program was kicked off by Valentina Sanchez of DPR, Ryan Monger and Victoria Chang of Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley, and Jason Morrella of RAFT. The rest of the day was spent tearing down, rebuilding, and repainting a large portion of the space.

Our Educator Workroom, open to RAFT members, is a creative workspace equipped with a variety of materials and tools to meet the needs of teachers and RAFT members. The space includes a large collection of Ellison dies, paper cutters, embossing and crimping tools, bookbinding equipment, laminators, printers, photocopiers, and more. The Educator Workroom serves as a space for collaboration for our educator community.

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