Teacher Tip Sheets

Creating a Design Challenge

A design challenge is an open-ended project that encourages students to ask questions, take initiative, and think creatively.

Connect Learning to the Real World

Connecting lessons to the real world drives student interest, engagement and retention.

Common Core Assessment – Hands-on Style!

Organizations are well on their way to developing new tools to work with the new standards.

Connecting Math and Social Studies

Presenting math through a social studies approach encourages students to ask questions and to think creatively.

Connecting Math and Music

Math can be used to describe the unity and structure of music. Connecting music to math makes math more interesting, relevant, and accessible to students.

Connecting Math and Art

Mathematics and art provide opportunities to express creative ideas.

Combine RAFT Kits To Create New Challenges

Combine RAFT Activity Kits and Idea Sheets to create remarkable opportunities for learning.

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaches and mentors play a vital role in developing people in many different areas including business, education, and social science.

Classroom Management During a Hands-On Activity

Effective classroom management balances student excitement with engagement.

Bullying No More

Understand the types and causes of bullying and learn steps to effectively address bullying when it happens.


“Brain-writing” similar to brainstorming, but it happens quietly and is a fast and effective way to stimulate creative thinking.

Assessing Learning during Hands-On Activities

This sheet highlights practical ideas for assessing student learning during hands-on activities.