Mathematical Russian Matryoshka Figures

Explore Russian culture and mathematical properties of proportion, scale, surface area, and self-similarity while creating a version of this nesting Matryoshka doll!

Flashlight Fun

An everyday flashlight is a wonderful example of a simple electronic circuit in action. Students will enjoy investigating the inner workings of real flashlights, and then building their own flashlights using common materials.

Critter Capsule

Build student curiosity about motion, center of mass, and inertia with this fun activity! Use this activity as a tool to discuss the characteristics of living organisms. The reason for the capsule’s tumbling motion is concealed by the foil which adds to its “mysterious” nature and provides an opportunity to practice observation and science process […]

Electric Wind Generator

          The Electric Wind Generator activity uses recyclable materials to explore how the power of wind can generate clean, renewable energy. Using a fan and small hobby motor to light up LEDs, students experiment with designing efficient windmill blades. The activity can be used as part of a global challenge curriculum […]

Wave Explorer

Assemble a device that allows you to see waves!  The Wave Explorer uses a strobe-like effect to visualize sound waves. By juxtaposing a black rubber band against a rotating black disk with four white stripes, the rubber band is only visible when a white stripe is behind it. As the disk rotates, you see a […]

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