Educators Envision Innovative Classrooms

During the RAFT Innovation Institute, we used a technique called “brain-writing” to gather 100 unique ideas in just ten minutes! What vision do you and your students have?

Encouraging Family Engagement

Here are some easy ways to help families be part of student learning.

Hands-on Learning for English Language Arts

Link RAFT hands-on activities to the new English Language Arts (ELA) Common Core standards!

Link Hands-On and Virtual Learning

From math to science and art, here are over 30 computer apps that connect RAFT hands-on activities to virtual experiences.

Make Time for Science

Even teachers with no time to spare can integrate science experiences into their literacy and mathematics lesson plans.

Making the Most of Hands-on Math Activities

These activities touch on every K-8 math standard and address many topics at the high school level.

New Engineering Standard

By combining what you already know with our simple activities, you will be able to do an outstanding job teaching Engineering Standards.

Overcoming Barriers for English Language Learners

Discover ways to overcome the barriers of hands-on learning for English language learners (ELL)

Stress-Free, High-Impact Science Fairs

Science fairs provide powerful opportunities for student learning and self-discovery.

Take Depth of Knowledge (DOK) to New Levels

New standards encourage students to use the higher-level thinking skills defined on Norman Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK) chart.

Teaching the Engineering Practices

To make things a little easier, we’ve created an overview of the “engineering practices” included in the NGSS

Use Accurate Math Vocabulary

Here are some helpful tips to encourage students to “speak mathematically” to ensure clear communication and comprehension.