Simple Motor

Skewer a coil of magnet wire to create a simple spinning motor! A spinning rotor needs an axle that is rigid with the ends in perfect alignment. Difficult to arrange with wire that is flexible enough to form a coil, but automatically provided by a toothpick! The motor converts electrical energy into kinetic energy – […]

Attribute Sudoku

Students who enjoy puzzles will find this activity very intriguing. This provides opportunities for both “logical” and “visual” thinkers to shine!

Alphabet Mix

Students connect letters with their related sounds and will enjoy creating and learning new words with this engaging activity.

Laundry Math

This activity is a creative way to introduce and enhance one-to-one correspondence leaving room for the teacher to build on future mathematics concepts.

Caesar Cipher Disc

Cryptography was important more than 4,000 years ago as a way to protect the interests of kings, military leaders, and other dignitaries. It is important today because of the vast amounts of personal, financial, and medical data stored in computer systems worldwide. Students will appreciate cryptography in terms of math and history by encoding and […]

Design Inspirations

Combine two unrelated ideas to inspire a creative new design! Engineers often use everyday objects to stimulate creative ideas. For example, an early ballpoint pen designer might have had a flash of inspiration while looking at a pencil!

Sand Mosaic

Design and create an original piece of art incorporates different materials and textures in this fun activity combining math and art.

Spatial Reasoning Tube

Develop memory and spatial reasoning skills using nothing more than a cardboard tube and a few simple objects. It’s a great work-out for anyone who needs strong thinking skills – from pre-schoolers to advanced engineering students!

Puppy Programming

Lead the puppy to the tennis ball by giving exact directions, programming the puppy’s path. This fun and easy activity reinforces programming techniques such as planning, sequencing, testing, debugging, and creating procedures and loops.

Interesting Interest

Money deposited in a savings account will earn interest and grow. Model the difference between two interest rates. Over time, does a small difference in interest rates really matter?


As they play Splash, young students will start to think about their own water choices. Older players will discover that the game is intriguing and involves quite a bit of strategy.

Tabletop Camouflage

In this compact camouflage activity, students create a world of hidden creatures on a single sheet of paper.

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