RAFTy Nesting Boxes

Practice multiplication while creating boxes from art posters and other recyclable creative papers!

Whirling Words

Students will create a classroom word bank to store and use the vocabulary words that they have learned. The word bank can be used as a reference when reading, writing or to look up a word for correct spelling.

Word Wizard

Students can build their own quiz wheel to become a word wizard to improve reading and writing ability.

Spinning the Spinner

Spinning the field rather than a pointer allows students of all abilities to access the fun of spinning for a choice in a game or probability exploration.

Spoon Slinger

Students create a simple lever machine and learn about load, force, and fulcrum placement.

Tall Tales

Tall Tales books gradually reveal themselves until the entire book is shown.

Tub Hat

A quick and easy way to make a sombrero, cowboy hat, or any other brimmed hat!

Shape Fun

Have you ever seen randomly shaped pieces of wood and wondered how they could be used? Well, young children find geometry an exciting topic. Even with random pieces, there are many ways to investigate and discover geometric shapes.

Rapid Prototyping

Quick models are the perfect tool to help young inventors explore new ideas and develop creativity. Use easy-to-cut corrugated board and double-stick tape to create conceptual models.

Words in a Bottle

Students organize and connect words or phrases related to a specific subject, art object, theme, or feeling. This activity will develop critical thinking skills, ignite creativity, and is an effective prewriting exercise.


Noticing small details not only helps birds find bugs, it helps inventors spot creative opportunities! While doing this activity, students will see the benefits of taking a closer look at the world around them.

Attribute Sudoku

Students who enjoy puzzles will find this activity very intriguing. This provides opportunities for both “logical” and “visual” thinkers to shine!

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