Bridging the Gap

How strong can a bridge be made using a limited set of materials?

Calculating Bones

When John Napier, a famous mathematician, invented his “Bones” or “Rods” in the early 17th century, modern calculating was born. With this simplified recreation, students can multiply large numbers quickly, with little effort and no electricity!

California Geographic Assembly

Use transparent layers to diagram and represent different map details of California.

Breathe In Breathe Out

Each day in your life you breathe in and out approximately 20,000 times, usually without thinking about it. Here is a chance to discover how breathing works.

Catching the Wind

Learn how an anemometer works and use one to make wind speed measurements.

Circle Game

A board game that can teach whatever you choose!


Use water to separate the different colors used to create the “black” in black markers.

Centimeter Sam

This game gives students practice measuring in centimeters. This game can also be used for estimating length.


Simple marble games can be a great introduction to the study of motion … or just a great way to spend an afternoon!

Building it Bigger

Explore how scale affects volume in this hands-on, pyramid building activity.

Break the Code

In this logic game, a player uses clues to help them break a hidden code in as few guesses as possible.

Cabbage Patch Indicator

Red cabbage juice is amazing! Acids and bases make it change color!