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Materials Provided: Cups and straws????, push-pin????, rubberband , a link to kit resources????,


Materials Needed: Sharpened Pencil ✏️,  Medium Sharpie????️ , Pushpin????, Ruler????, Scissors ✂️,notebook ????,


Photographic Flow Chart of Kit


Key Concepts

Example Terms: Currents, Resistors, Wind Veins, Aerodynamics, Conversion of wind energy into electrical energy,

Scaffolded Questions, concepts, terms


Links to Online Resources

NGSS Phenomenal Page

           Standard Assessment

Link to specific standards


Guiding Questions

Identifying pitfall in builds and offering creative ways to remedy failed attempts or errors.

Checkpoints for students with estimated time.


Makermind Set



Curriculum Alignments or Connection

To which standards does this align?

What is the end result of making the project?


Links to Student Resources

Free Digital Science Journals

Free Online Portfolio

RAFT how-to videos


Alternate Materials for Facilitating Lesson

Link to monthly RAFT supplies surplus




Previous Kits and Next Steps Kits

Recommended learning activity to develop skills and concepts for current kit.

Recommended kit to extented


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