STEAM Dream Camp with Hands=on learning with STEAM Kits

Join us this summer for a deep dive into Watery World Week at STEAM Dream Camp designed for students in grades K-8 as we learn about water’s many interesting properties. Students will share stories structured around hands-on learning with STEAM kits and curricula specifically developed for camp. These fun activities will excite and delight your child.

STEAM Dream Camp Staffed by Credential Teachers

All sessions are led by credentialed teachers and staff counselors trained in teaching STEAM activities. Class groups are limited to 20 students with a student-teacher ratio of 10:1. We bring years of developing hands-on STEAM kits and learning resources to STEAM Dream Camp. This summer, Eric Welker, Director of Learning Development, is spearheading the design of our summer camp curriculum with his team of experienced teachers. 

Eric brings his experience developing learning educational resources at RAFT to engage students in an adventure of invention and discovery we nicknamed “found engineering”. The goal is to interweave different themes with storytelling, integrating STEAM subjects, materials, and language the RAFTy way.

A Few of Our Hands-on STEAM Kits Used in Watery World Week

Many of our innovative science technology kits are made with recycled materials.

Foil Art, crafty kit for creating artistic images about your project.

These science STEAM kits are perfect for Watery World week.

Water Beads, learn about the absorption properties of materials.

Floating Compass, learn about earth’s magnetic fields.

Our learning resources are for both students with interest and understanding of STEAM as well as those who don’t see themselves as STEAM students. With our STEAM kits, students envision new possibilities for found items and the opportunity to exercise their creativity and problem solving skills! In STEAM Dream Camp, your child will get to experience the joy of learning and discovery with our unique kits and STEAM activities! 

STEAM Dream Camp Watery Week At A Glance

Water and its Properties
Water on the Move
Life on the Water
Staying Afloat
Water and the Environment

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