On September 22, 2021, RAFT hosted it’s annual event, Found At RAFT. The resources that educators, parents, and students need for success can be Found at RAFT.

During the virtual event, guests were able to learn more about RAFT, honor people and organizations that have had a profound impact on the education community, as well as learn what RAFT is doing to support joy in learning.

We were able to raise over $280,000 for our 8,000 educators and 150,000 students we serve annually! Thank you for supporting Found At RAFT!

Our Co-Hosts

Andrea Whittaker and Sri Narasimhan co-hosted the event by sharing RAFT’s work and celebrating the awardees of the evening.

If you would like to watch the event again, please go to www.raftspecialeventlive.com.

RAFT’s Impact in the Community

The pandemic has been hard on everyone. On top of adjusting to living in pandemic times, our education community also has had to adjust to new learning environments.

Watch the video to learn more about our impact on the education community.

STEAM Teachers of the Year

RAFT was happy to honor 5 teachers as the STEAM Teachers of the Year. These educators were recognized by their colleagues and students for the profound impact they have on their community.

Watch the video to hear the inspiring stories of these educators!

RAFT Heroes

RAFT was pleased to honor RAFT Heroes during the event. These heroes have supported RAFT because of their strong passion for educators and students.

In these videos, we share the impact they have had on RAFT.

RAFT Volunteers

RAFT would be nothing without our volunteers. Our volunteers help make our resources affordable and available to RAFT members.

This video showcases two volunteers who have had a profound impact on RAFT.

RAFT Partner of the Year

RAFT is proud to announce HP as our first Partner of the Year Award recipient. HP has been a partner of RAFT for 22 years and has supported RAFT by donating over $1.2 million to support the development of our hands-on learning resources, 6,266 cubic feet of donated materials, and through the service of over 1,000 HP volunteers. These volunteers include 14 HP executives that have served on the RAFT Board of Directors and offered their leadership to help RAFT better serve our education community.

RAFT Staff

Behind the event and our work is a dedicated staff making it all happen! In this fun, throwback video, meet the great RAFT team!

Event Sponsors

We want to thank our event sponsors for their support of our event and our efforts during the pandemic on behalf of our community.





Ned & Jimi Barnholt

Bruce & Gail Chizen

Ann & Alden Danner


Susan and Tom Harrington

Webb and Christina McKinney

Anne and Ron Murphy

Mark and Carolyn Guidry Foundation

Sharon and Aubrey Hutchins

Karen and Bruce Rohde

Stefan Raffl

Brooks and Sarah Beard

Jillian Forusz and Fred Houston 

Sundi Sundaresh

Peter and Diane Geschke

John and Deanne Ebner

Kathy Yates and Peter Troop

Keli Forsman

Pacific Ocean

Vicki and Pete LaBoskey

Staten Solar





J. Lohr Vineyards and Wine

John’s Willow Glen

Tin Pot Creamery


Nirvana Soul

Kendra Scott

Harrington Family Foundation

40 Acre Candle & Gift Co.

The Tech Interactive

Bottle & Bottega

Jim Harrington

Andrea Whittaker

Nivisha Mehta

RAFT Store 

Brooks Beard

Sharon Hutchins

Karen Rohde

Rachelle Daniels

Susanna Salim

Kevin Fried

Vidyadhar & Debjani Phalke

Cecil Mak

Jason Morrella

San Francisco 49ers Museum

Webb McKinney

All these elements came together for a very successful event! And a key part of that was YOU! Because of your support, we were able to raise over $280,000 for students and educators!

We want to thank everyone for making our event a successful one! We look forward to seeing you next year!