RAFT Hands-on Learning Model Promotes Achievement in Bay Area Schools

Independent Research Study Shows that RAFT Hands-on Learning Activities Engage Students and Improve Academic Performance

Rockman Et Al, a respected education research firm, has just concluded a study demonstrating that RAFT’s hands-on teaching materials help students gain subject knowledge, apply that knowledge to solve “real world” problems and improve their academic performance. The study was conducted in 17 Bay Area 5th and 6th grade classrooms comprised of students from diverse socioeconomic, ethnic and language backgrounds. RAFT materials used in the study focused on important math concepts and are representative of RAFT hands-on education kits in general.

“Teachers have always agreed that RAFT’s approach is effective in engaging and educating students,” said Mary Simon, RAFT Executive Director. “This study took the next step, measuring the direct impact of RAFT kits on student learning. Kids in the study not only reported having an engaging experience, but they also increased their math skills as measured by questions similar to those on standardized achievement tests. In short, RAFT works!”

In addition to learning the subject matter, students also exhibited 21st Century skills such as teamwork, collaboration and persistence.

“These results show that RAFT’s approach sparks interest and increases achievement for many types of students,” said Greg Brown, RAFT Education Director. “Because RAFT kits use commonly available or donated materials and are assembled by volunteers, the kits are affordable. This makes it possible for educators to offer innovative and effective hands-on learning experiences, in and out of the classroom, from preschool to high school.” View full press release.


Key Findings: RAFT Hands-on Learning Model engages students and improves academic performance. 8 pages

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Executive Summary

Summary: An independent study details the impact of RAFT’s hands-on activities.
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The Effect of RAFT Hands-on Activities on Student Learning, Engagement, and 21st Century Skills.
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