Steve Bennett, President and CEO of Symantec, joined the team at the recent RAFT volunteer event in Mountain View.

The first leg of the story about how a CD is more than a CD at RAFT was played out at the Symantec Mountain View campus last week. NBC was on hand to film 68 Symantec employees assembling 284 complete hands-on Activity Kit packages and 219 partially completed 10-packs for two different RAFT kits that use donated CDs — in this case, Symantec CDs. Ultimately, the work Symantec employees did last Wednesday will serve more than 5,000 students.

Steve Bennett, President and CEO of Symantec, joined the team at this event. He voiced his support for teachers and the work RAFT does to keep teaching resources affordable with the creative use of donated materials and the volunteer sponsorship of the community. We are grateful for the sponsorship and expert organization of the event!  Thank you, Symantec!

The next leg of this video journey will take place in a Bay Area school where a teacher will be using the Activity Kits assembled by Symantec to provide an engaging hands-on learning experience with the students. Our favorite part of the story about upcycling donated materials into a hands-on learning activity is when we get to see the kids engaged in a hands-on learning activity! Stay tuned for details about when this story will air on NBC later this year.

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