Thousands of educators are taking advantage of the week-long annual Back to School launch events at RAFT to shop for items to prepare their classrooms and to provide hands-on learning activities for their students at affordable prices. The best-selling RAFT Activity Kits this year include:

  • Rollback Can – The Rollback Can provides an interesting example of energy transfer and storage for Grades 2-8.
  • Puff Rocket – Hypothesize, experiment, collect data, and analyze forces and motion with a straw “rocket” and an easily made launcher. Grades K-12
  • Roller Racer – Explore the application of simple machines and energy conversion and investigate how changes in stored energy can affect performance. Grades 2-12
  • Gravity Defying Frog – Learn how to move an item’s center of gravity to create the illusion of a gravity defying frog! Grades K-8
  • Car on a Roll – A clever way to demonstrate the transfer between potential energy and kinetic energy. Grades K-12
  • Area Antics – Area Antics plays like the card game War, but with a new twist — instead of comparing numbers, students compare area! Grades 3-8
  • Binary Dots – Learn to count in binary through simple addition! Grades 4-12
  • Head to One Hundred – Find multiples & factors on a 100-grid board. See how the numbers relate to each other. Grades 4-8.
  • Faux Stained Glass – Student artists of all ability levels can use this flexible technique to create dramatic effects. Grades K-12
  • Foil Art – Explore an art technique where everyone – both children and adults – can be successful. Grades K-6.
  • Bread Board Circuit – Provide students with opportunities to create a basic circuit, build a portable version, and explore parallel and series circuits! Grades 4-12

Make this the year to try one or more hands-on teaching lessons in your classroom.


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