RAFT chosen as one of three non-profits in the Bay Area for broad impact on the education of children

San Jose, Calif. (November 15, 2011) – Microsoft is expanding its reach in Silicon Valley by opening retail stores and partnering with local non-profit organizations including Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT) to strengthen educational impact in the society.

The technology giant, one of RAFT’s long standing partners, is committed to building community support for non-profits, by working to improve learning for children. In celebration of the store launch, the Seattle based tech company has offered RAFT a substantial grant in technology resources, valued at up to $350,000.

Jeremy Champlin, RAFT IT Specialist says, “Microsoft’s support of RAFT will allow us to offer new workshops for educators focused on the latest versions of Microsoft’s productivity software. Not just here in Silicon Valley but also in Sacramento and Denver, Colorado where our two affiliates are located. Our staff will be more efficient allowing more time to be focused on serving the needs of our educators.”

RAFT, recognized as a leader in the educational arena for its ‘hands-on’ methods of learning, has benefited by this collaboration over the years. With partners like Microsoft, RAFT is able to work efficiently toward its mission – ‘to help educators transform a child’s learning experience through ‘hands-on‘ education to one that inspires the joy and discovery of learning’.

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